Birch Juice Blog
These are some of the questions that I've been asked about this blog!

Why is your blog named Birch Juice, and what does it mean?
I have to be honest, I've had the hardest time finding a good name for my blog. Most things that I came up with did not describe me very well or they seemed too pretentious. As soon as I thought of Birch Juice I thought it was great, because it's kind of a catchy and unique name that is easy to remember. 
I've decided to use Birch Juice as a nod to my Russian heritage, because birch trees are so widespread in the Russian landscape. I never see birch trees around here so it's somewhat of a reminder of my previous surroundings. I've actually had birch juice before, because it is a real thing. You get it the same way you get maple syrup, but it's liquid like juice. It's actually a pretty tasty drink, so if you ever get a chance to sample some birch juice you should definitely try it out!