My Trip to the Dermatologist

January 12, 2017

I don’t think I’ve ever been to the dermatologist before. Actually I have been, forever ago when I was a little kid and had troubles that involved mosquito bites and itching. Anyways, I’m a pretty freckly person with a bunch of moles, which makes me a prime target for shady stuff. I’ve been constantly thinking dark thoughts whenever I looked at a mole that seemed suspicious so one day I just decided to finally make an appointment and visit a dermatologist.

I know it’s a huge hassle, making any kind of doctor’s appointment sucks. Finding new doctors is an issue too because there are so many different ones out there, moving places doesn’t help either. I’ve been using Zocdoc which is a website that lets you browse local doctors/dentists and also shows their ratings. Through there I found my primary care doctor, dentist, and now my dermatologist. Another crappy thing about going to a specialist is the fact that most insurance doesn’t cover 100% of it. I know mine doesn’t, it only covers 80% which is really painful especially for someone who’s not used to paying anything for heath care. Anyhow, I ended up biting the bullet and scheduling an appointment.

My experience was great! The office was nice, the dermatologist was wonderful. I scheduled a yearly full body check up, so I had to strip to my underwear and wear one of those awkward paper coverups. I decided to go to a female dermatologist because I’m a sexist like that (kidding!),  I prefer female doctors and dentists. Her and the nurse made sure to inspect me from head to toe, and they found a freckle on my back that looked questionable. They suggested that I get it removed and sent off to a lab, so I did. It was quick and painless, she gave me a numbing shot which didn’t hurt and I didn’t feel her “shaving” the freckle off either. So if you’re ever in that predicament don’t be scared, it’s a quick and easy process. To save you the suspense the result of the lab came saying that it was a mildly abnormal mole, meaning that I’ll live. They gave me an option to remove the cells or just let it go and I decided to let it go and come back in 6 months. Fun fact, the freckle that turned out to be troublesome was the most mild looking thing on my body. I’ve got much more intense looking moles that I was worried about that turned out to be all good.

The dermatologist shared a bunch of interesting information with me about taking care of my skin, and I figured it would be interesting to share.

  • She told me to wear a rash guard on the beach. So basically no bikini but instead a long sleeve cover up to avoid catching those rays. It sounds pretty extreme but I guess it’s her job to make patients aware of some serious sun safety. Luckily JCrew has some cute ones.
  • Beach umbrellas aren’t a good enough protection from the sun.
  • Wear a hat in the summer or always apply sunscreen on the area where you part your hair. Apparently it’s a very overlooked area that gets a lot of sun damage.
  • Wear at least a 30SPF on my face, neck, and chest. I didn’t tell her that I always forget my neck and chest but she knew that I had some sun damage in that area from doing a shitty job with sunscreen.
  • If you’re struggling with dry skin on your body to only apply soap to your armpits, privates, and feet. Everything else doesn’t have to be lathered with soap. Good to know!
  • Apply body lotion to damp skin after the shower because it will absorb better.
  • She recommended two brands of daily facial moisturizer with SPF CeraVe and EltaMD

Overall it was a good experience and I recommend that you do it at least once just for the peace of mind. I also liked getting a bunch of free skincare samples, and it’s through one of the samples that I’ve discovered a miracle product that is Aquaphor which can heal pretty much anything.

Have you ever been to the dermatologist?

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  • These tips were great! I have similar skin to you, so I tried the soap tip, and the lotion after the shower tip this morning. My skin already feels softer. Thanks!

    • I’m glad that the skincare tips were helpful!

  • I’m glad that you had a good experience. I have never been to a dermatologist, but I may go, for my face. I have been getting a lot of breakouts lately this past year. Sadface. I usually do my best to wear sunscreen whenever I’m going to be out in the sun, but I don’t burn, I just get tan. It sucks because I hate getting darker lol I never thought about that part on our head where we part our hair! That’s so true, and definitely overlooked!

    • I guess if you’ve got problems with your skin and regular products aren’t helping then it’s worth a visit to the dermatologist. They are very quick to give prescriptions for all sorts of ointments so I’m sure they would find something for you!

  • I’m glad things went well with your dermatologist! I actually haven’t been to mine in forever; I had really bad acne in my teenage years but it eventually cleared up when I started taking birth control. Anyways, her tips were great! Thanks for sharing them :)

    • Thanks! I’m glad the tips are helpful, I wasn’t expecting her to comment on so many different things but it definitely made me more aware of everything.

  • It’s on my list for this year. I really should go. As a kid I had terrible genetic acne and I know I have TONS of son damage. I do my best as an adult, but as a kid/teen I got tons of burns. tons and tons. So I hope to make it there this year…even though it’s a bit intimidating it’s a good step to take! I know how important it is, especially preventatively and long-term! Glad to read your account of it! :) XO – Alexandra

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