My Love Of Thrift Shopping

January 5, 2017

Ever since moving to the city I’ve had access to a great variety of thrift shops. Thrifting hasn’t really been a thing that I was into until recently, because I guess I was picturing it to be kind of like a Goodwill filled with raggity Old Navy hoodies. All of that changed when I got a chance to explore some nice thrift shops that are filled with brands that I enjoy. I’ve decided to buy less but better quality stuff, so now before I make a purchase I try to consider if I really love the item or if I’m just getting it for the sake of buying something.

I’ve had the best experiences at a thrift shop called Crossroads, of which were are 2 locations in my area. First one is in the Flatiron district and the second one is in Williamsburg. I prefer the Williamsburg location as the selection tens to be a lot better, for unknown to me reasons. I haven’t purchased that much stuff there but the highlight of my browsing were Madewell jeans that looked like they haven’t been worn and fit me perfectly. I guess rummaging through everything in hopes of coming across a hidden gem is half the fun of the whole experience.

While thrift shopping is not for everyone, which is understandable, I really like getting a great bargain. I think the best bargain I ever got was a Zara Basics dress for around $6 which looked excellent and I ended up wearing it to a wedding in November. Another great steal I got was an American Apparel sweater for around $10 but which retails for much more than that because I’ve purchased that same one in the past. So overall it’s worth it whenever you come across excellent pieces!

Do you like thrift shopping? What are your favorite stores? What’s the best deal you’ve ever got?

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  • It’s funny, because a lot of people weren’t into thrift shopping until Macklemore’s song came out, but I’ve thrifted since I was little. I mostly only buy things off the clearance racks at stores or at thrift stores. And you can actually get some pretty great stuff at the Goodwill or Salvation Army if you’re willing to spend some time looking around. Like, I got my mom brand new New Balances for $10 and they were like $80 shoes.
    I live in a small-ish town, so we don’t have a ton of “nice” thrift stores, but you can definitely find some great stuff if you’re willing to search!

    • Goodwill used to be my go-to place for finding books that were in great condition. That New Balance deal sounds awesome! I love it when that happens. I think living in a big city has it’s advantages in terms of the selection and niceness of the brands that you come across while thrifting, which is always nice. You’re right though, being determined and taking your time to look through everything definitely pays off!

      • Oh, man. I feel ya. Every single time I go into Goodwill, I end up buying at least five books!

  • I need to try out more places in the suburbs. I’ve gone to the ones in the city but they’re never great, we generally only find things for Halloween costumes. Here, you have to go to the ritzy suburbs to find nicer stuff. I plan to try it out this summer!

    • That sounds promising! I hope you find some great stuff :)

  • I shop at thrift stores, depending on the thrift stores. I find some thrift stores rather expensive with little difference from brand new clothing. However, there is this thrift store in Santa Clara, CA that is run by a Catholic church and they really have good prices. Probably because it is only open in Sundays and they do not have to pay for salaries since people there are volunteers. One time, I got a white skirt and a nice blouse for $3 total.

    The only thrift stores I go often are book thrift stores. They sell books at a much cheaper price than brand new ones. I also used to buy music CDs at thrift stores because they can be as cheap as $1.

    • That thrift shop that’s only open on Sundays sounds awesome! It does get annoying whenever you go to thrift shops are the prices are quite steep, I guess that happens at places like Buffalo Exchange because people sell them their clothes. I miss getting good books at thrift shops for good prices. Around where I live there doesn’t seem to be a lot of those, or at least I haven’t come across any!

  • I love to thrift, but it’s more for housewares that I can craft into something else–there’s a $5 fall challenge I did on my blog this past fall if you want to see what I mean!

    • That sounds like a fun challenge! I will definitely see what that’s all about!

  • I’ve always wanted to try thrifting but the few times I went, I seemed to lose my patience almost immediately :( Good for you for finding such great deals though! :)

    • I think it definitely depends on the kind of thrift store that you go to. If the selection is pretty bad then I don’t have the patience to keep looking, but if almost everything is pretty decent then it’s a breeze.

  • i used to love thrift stores – or op shops where i’m from – but where i live now, my only options are goodwill or a few random consignment stores. definitely not the same, though they have good stuff sometimes.

    • It sucks when the only thrift shops nearby are the ones that don’t have good selection, that’s definitely discouraging! Where we used to live the thrift shops were pretty bad too.

  • ooh good to know, those seem like pretty great steals. I love thrift shopping, but often for quirky finds vs. newer items. Ours are pretty hit or miss. :) XO – Alexandra

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    • Yeah thrift shops around here are the real deal! When you visit you should definitely stop by some.