December Reading Wrap Up

January 19, 2017
december wrap up

December was an alright reading month for me, I feel like I took my sweet time writing about it though so here it is!

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley – (3/5) I was looking forward to reading this book because it was supposed to be super intense, spoiler alert, it wasn’t! It was a very bland book with basic characters who didn’t interest me. The ending and the “resolution” to the whole thing was very underwhelming and wasn’t at all shocking or unbelievable.

The Bell Jar  by Sylvia Plath – (4/5) Basically this is about a young woman who slowly goes crazy. I couldn’t tell that she was crazy, I guess I probably wasn’t reading it that closely. It was very well written though and was an interesting story  involving relationships and friendships.

Couple Next Door  by Shari Lapena – (4/5) This book sounded promising and it sort of lived up to the expectations. The beginning was definitely pretty intense but I found that it all died down and the mystery unravelled halfway through. Overall it’s a decent read and there is a fair amount of suspense in it!

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware – (4/5) I’ve seen this being compared to “And Then There Were None” somewhere, and that’s extremely inaccurate because the latter is an amazing read. This one was decent but a little bit predictable, I couldn’t tell who was the person in question but bit by bit you get the idea before what’s going on is actually revealed. Good book but had the potential to be better.

Have you read any good books lately?

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  • hmm good to know, I have heard mixed reviews on some of these! I really haven’t been reading any thrillers, but I hope to read more this year! XO – Alexandra

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    • I feel like whenever I hear mixed things I usually end up disliking the book, I have no idea why! I rarely come across any decent thrillers that I love, so I’m always in pursuit.

  • Someone recommended the Woman in cabin 10, so I do want to check that one out. I like books that are suspenseful so I am writing down Couple Next Door! I finished The Girl on the Train over the weekend. I liked it but I “solved” the case like half way through the book lol oops

    • I hope you like The Woman in Cabin 10! The Couple Next Door is a good one too, I think it will be a good read for you. Haha good job on solving The Girl on the Train. I wasn’t entirely shocked at the end because I was suspecting something along those lines, but I liked the main character which doesn’t seem to happen a lot lol.

  • I have The Couple Next Door on my reading list! Bummer the intensity of the book died down but I’m glad it still go 4 stars from you! If you like suspense, check out The Passengers by Lisa Lutz!

    • I hope you’ll like that book, maybe my review was a bit too harsh haha! I’ve actually read The Passengers last year, it was a decent book!

  • Definitely adding to my library list! I have heard lots of good things about The Woman in Cabin 10.

  • I love The Bell Jar, and I could never tell she was crazy either. Some people say it’s a sort of autobiography of Plath, because she always felt that she was crazy…

  • i haven’t read any of these… couple next door is on my kindle waiting for me. i’m not sure if the bell jar is for me, but maybe one day lol