Clothing Brands You May Have Wondered About

January 30, 2017
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There are so many different clothing startups these days, I don’t even know how you can keep up with them all. Recently I decided to give some of them a try to see if they lived up to the hype that surrounds them. The results turned out to be mixed but at least I was able to find some brands that delivered on their promises while others didn’t.

First brand that you may have heard of is Girlfriend Collective leggings. These are taking over social media and have endless amount of people impatiently waiting to snag a pair. For the last 6 months (maybe even longer, I’m not sure when they started) they have been giving away “free” leggings. They aren’t exactly free, because you have to pay $20 for shipping from their factory in Vietnam. Lots of people are doubting the fact that shipping costs that much and etc, etc, but I was interested in them because they were gonna be $20 and I don’t care if that’s the legging price or the shipping price. These are supposed to go on sale this spring and the retail price is expected to be $70. The catch is that when you order your free pair you have to wait around 2-3 months to get them because of how far away the factory is located.

Well, I ordered and waited and ended up receiving my pair last week. They turned out much better than expected. I was very torn about what size to get, and ended up going with small instead of medium. They fit perfectly and they are a lot more comfortable than some of the other leggings I have, like Lululemon. The material is a lot different and it feels softer to the touch. I ended up using my other email address to order a second pair of leggings which should be arriving sometime this spring. So if you’ve been curious about these leggings and you need a solid black pair I think these ones are a great choice.


Next up is ThirdLove  which is a brand that claims to have the most comfortable t-shirt bra ever. I’ve heard endless ads on podcasts until I finally cracked and decided to give it a go. They have an app which can apparently tell which size you need so I got the app and trusted it with the sizing. It ended up giving me the size of 34A, which seemed interesting but I went with it.

The cool thing about this company is that you’re able to try on the bra and wear it around for 30 days, if during that time you decide you don’t like the bra you can return it without a penalty. I’m always on the market for a comfortable bra so I had the highest of hopes for it. When it arrived I was anxious to try it on, only to discover that this bra is way too small for me. So the sizing failed me and I unfortunately had to return it. The material was very soft though so that was good, but I don’t think I will be ordering a replacement because I think that I’m about to jump onto the bralette train.

Last but not least is Thinx (this is a referral link) which is period proof underwear. If you’ve been on an NYC subway lately you may have seen endless ads for those all over the place. So I finally gave in and decided to give them a try, after all it couldn’t hurt and if they work then my life was going to become a lot easier. I ordered a pair to start with someone’s random referral link and I was able to get them for $10 cheaper, which was nice. I decided to go with the sport style, which is their medium absorbency underwear.

I was excited to get them in the mail and couldn’t wait to test them out! As it turns out they work very well and definitely replace panty liners. They are also great for lighter days when you need a little protection. It sounds like a weird experience but it’s not as odd as it sounds and you don’t end up feeling like there’s anything funky going on in your undies. I’m fully converted now so I’m ordering their hip hugger style as we speak because reusable is better, if you’re catching my drift.


Have you tried any of these brands? What are some startups that you like?

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  • HAHA at the “real menstruating woman”
    I’ve always been so curious about Thinx but then I’ve been kinda iffy about trying them out! My period has never been crazy heavy since I started birth control so I may just give in and buy a pair eventually 😮 How are they in terms of fit/comfort though??

    • They are great! I was so curious about them until I cracked one day and they turned out to be perfect. I’m also in the same boat with birth control and light flow so these are awesome for those light days. Their material slightly reminds me of bathing suit bottoms, but they feel nice to the touch. Also they fit a bit more snug than regular underwear, but I ordered a small which is what all of my other underwear is and they fit perfectly. When I have them on I can’t tell that I’m wearing the “special” undies lol !

  • I’ve been wanting to try Thinx. Also, ThirdLove doesn’t carry my bra size, which made me really sad, because their bras sound comfy.